Our Level 1 Safety Check is just a simple run through of the entire bike; we’ll tighten all the bolts and make sure everything is nice, tight, and ready to go. Includes brake adjustment. We can also give you and idea of any other repairs that might need to be done on the bike. $40

Our Level 2 Tune Up includes; Truing both wheels in the truing stand, adjusting the gears and shifting, adjusting the brakes, lubing the chain, checking the tightness of all bolts and fasteners. Adjustment of the bottom bracket and headset bearings, and light cleaning of the bike. Does not include changing of cables, brake shoes, or other parts. $70

Our Level 3 Tune Up with drivetrain clean and detail includes everything from the level 2 tune up PLUS; adjustment of the bottom bracket, headset, both hubs, remove and clean calipers, disassemble, clean, and lube derailleurs, remove and clean accessories, and correction of any tensioning errors in wheels. (No additional labor to replace chain or derailleurs) $150