This guide will provide you the essential information you will need to keep your skis fast and in good shape.

A dirty base is a slow base. We recommend that you always clean your ski bases before applying new wax.

  1. Remove as much hardwax or klister, utilizing a scraper.
  2. Apply the base cleaner and wait a minute.
  3. Wipe clean with Swix Fiberlene Paper.

To improve glide, apply F4 Glide wax on the glide zones. Remember: Do not use glide wax in the grip wax zone!

  • F460 Solid Glider: Cork the wax into the base for further longevity.
  • F4150 Liquid Glider: Apply the liquid glider with the applicator.

Use #100 grit sandpaper, abrade or rough-up the middle third of the ski base, or from the heel of the boot 75 cm (30 inches) and forward. This will give a better bond between the base and the grip wax. The ski base is ready for application of the appropriate grip wax.

Ideal for new fallen snow and old fine grained snow (more than one day old).

  1. Apply 30″ (75cm) from the heel and forward.
  2. Apply the wax and smooth out using a waxing cork between each layer. Use enough pressure to generate frictional heat to smooth the wax.

Tip: If your skis are slipping, use a wax one step warmer (softer) or apply the wax further towards the tip.

Advice: To secure good grip at a given temperature we recommend that you wax softer when older, fine grained snow than for new, fresh snow.

Remark: The temperatures given on the packages refer to air temperatures measured in the shadow.

Recommended hardwaxes:

  • Swix V40 Blue Extra: A wide range wax for normal winter conditions. Apply three to five layers.
  • Swix V50 Violet:  For conditions around freezing. Two to three layers are recommended. If Blue Extra becomes slippery, a thin layer of Violet on top is the right wax.
  • Swix V60 Red/Silver: For wet and moist snow. Thicker layers when wet. One or two layers are enough.

Ideal for wet corn snow (wet, old snow) and frozen corn snow.

  1. Apply 30″ (75cm) from the heel and forward.
  2. Use the scraper to spread the klister to an even layer.

Recommended Klisters:

  • K22N Universal Klister: 50°F to 27°F (+10°C to -3°C)
  • K65 Universal Quick Klister: 23°F to 50°F (-5°C to +10°C)
Instructions provided by Swix Sports. For more nordic skiing tip & tricks, visit Swix School.