Road Ride: Triple Tree Neighborhood

This popular 20-mile loop will take you through about 1000 feet of climbing (which is mild for Montana) and some really great views! We recommend a windbreaker for that chilly descent and a daytime flashing taillight for the 2-lane road on your way home. Enjoy!

MTB Trail: Leverich Canyon

This is probably one of the more popular trails in Bozeman, just because it’s so close to town. Its a one-way loop, so be sure to take a left after starting up the trailhead. The local bike club has done a lot of work on the trail recently, here’s some of the details for all you newbies…
Distance: 5.5 miles total (loop)
Elevation gain: 1400 feet
Ride time: 1.5 hours
Season: June to October

Road Ride: McIlhattan Loop

This is a fun 15-mile loop that isn’t too long, and not too much climbing. We also like it because it gets you away from traffic a bit. perfect for beginners, or just a relaxing spin after dinner. Full map available in the Strava link. Download Strava for free to track your bike rides with your smartphone or Garmin.

MTB Trail: Chestnut Mountain

For the ride, continue on the paved Trail Creek Road. It will make a hard right–continue to follow it up the gradual grade, looking for the turn onto the dirt Goose Creek Road about 2.2 miles from the uphill turn. Follow Goose Creek road 1.9 miles looking for the Goose Creek cutoff trail (atv width) on the right. Follow Goose Creek Cutoff Trail one mile to the turn for Trail 458, Chestnut Mountain Trail on the right. It is marked by a wooden post which is easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. Follow trail 458 back to the parking area.

Level: Advanced
Distance: 15 miles (loop)
Elevation, 5,272

Road Ride: Jackson Creek Road

This ride can be 20 miles, 30 miles, or even 40. Jackson creek Road is a gorgeous out-and-back that can be started in town, or closer to the start off the road. Its a scenic country road that climbs up to a mountain pass. Great for that weekend long ride, guaranteed to have some spectacular views of the Bridger Mountains on the way home.

Bangtail Divide

This beautifully built trail climbs high to the top of the Bangtail Mountain range and has excellent panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges. This is a longer ride, but definitely a local favorite. Most suitable for intermediate riders, and the only advanced skills you’ll need are for the dozens of switchbacks. It can be ridden as a one-way shuttle, or a full loop including a portion of Bridger Canyon road. It can be ridden both ways, but we like to go south to north for the ultimate descent.
Distance: 22-30 miles (depends if you shuttle or not)
Elevation Gain: 3400 feet
Biking time: 4.5-6 hours

*Thanks to Beartooth Publishing for this route info!

Road Ride: Amsterdam Loop

This 45-55 mile route will take you all the way to Amsterdam / Manhattan. We took a scenic ride through the neighborhood to avoid the busy traffic on Huffine. Check out the Strava map above for all the details!

MTB Trail: Emerald Lake

This hike will surprise you very quickly with a breathtaking landscape. A very popular and high-traffic trail; expect to see hikers, runners, and horses. The trail is nice and wide, and easy to pass. Be prepared with bug spray, mosquitos are thick in July due to the lakes.
Distance: 11.2 miles (out and back)
Elevation gain: 2120 feet
Difficulty: Moderate

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