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Bike Fitting

We are offering full sizings and fittings again!
Our staff can perform a sizing with a new bike purchase or make tweaks to your current setup, whether you are having specific position issues or just general discomfort...

We are here to help!

Sizing  vs. Fitting

Unsure which one will suit you best? 

  • Sizings are often around 30 minutes and address the few most critical bike fit points. Making a few adjustments to angles and positioning makes your casual, recreational, and racey riding even more fun!

  • Fittings can range from an hour up to a couple hours in duration, addressing multiple points within your fit. Using angles and precise measurements with lasers, paired with a mobility assessment to dial in the most efficient movement on a bicycle.


Schedule a Sizing Today:

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Get to know our Bike Fitters!

Chelsee has been a practicing Physical Therapist for over 10 years.  Over the past couple of decades, she has taken great interest in riding and racing bikes.  Combining the depth of knowledge in kinematics of the body with passion for biking, this has led her towards appreciating and looking to help people be comfortable on their bike.  Each personalized bike fit takes in consideration the individual and their needs to make their bike work for them, managing limitations like low back pain, knee pain, or neck pain.  Considering your bike fit is the intervention for managing your pain or functional limitations, bike fits can be billed to your insurance as a Physical Therapy service

Chelsee Pummel



Chelsee Pummel, PT, DPT, OCS





Tom started bike fitting in 2016 in Crested Butte, CO as he was coaching youth mountain biking and while training for his own endurance MTB races. With long days in the saddle, he started noticing aches & pains could be alleviated for his athletes and for himself from minor adjustments to bike positioning. Tom has a bachelor of science in Exercise & Movement Science from the University of Vermont and a master of science in Exercise Physiology from Western Colorado University and has taken numerous bike fitting courses. In 2022, Tom started his business, Calibrated Coaching, which offers metabolic testing such as VO2max & Lactate threshold, endurance coaching for cyclists & runners, and bike fitting. Over the years, he has helped hundreds of cyclists alleviate pain, improve efficiency, and have more fun on the bike. His favorite place to ride is in the vast network of trails in Hyalite Canyon south of Bozeman.

Tom Cuddy






Tom Cuddy, M.Sc

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