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New to the world of e-bikes? Read on for lots of great information!




Electric Bikes, also known as e-bikes or EMTBs, have grown very quickly in popularity over the past few years. They are broken into three categories:

Class 1: Pedal assist, limited at 20 mph

Class 2: Throttle, limited at 20 mph

Class 3: Pedal assist, limited at 28 mph

Class 4: Throttle, no speed limit

We sell Specialized and Trek Class 1 and 3

e-bikes , these are pedal assist bikes that do not have a throttle. We have the ability to service any bosch, shimano or specialized motor here in our shop.

Where can e-bikes be ridden?

There are many wonderful trails in the Gallatin Valley. We have included a few notes regarding E-bike accessibility below:

We try to be good trail users here in the city of Bozeman. Please be respectful when riding trails and remember to yield to hikers and horses.

They may not be allowed on trails managed for non-motorized activities. Do not ride your E-MTB in areas where the local rules are unclear. Ride legally and only on authorized trails to show that mountain bikers are responsible trail users.

On federal, state, county and local trails, e-mountain bike access varies significantly. Generally, any natural surface trail that is designated as open to both motorized and non-motorized uses is also open to E-MTBs.

When in doubt, ask your local land manager about access to specific trails. Local land rules change frequently.

What does it take to care for an e-bike?

An e-bike is an amazing tool that offers the opportunity to cover twice the distance at twice the pace without spending twice the effort! But with power comes great responsibility... to care for the bike! Here are a few tips to keep your e-bike running smoothly for years to come:

As with any bike, you want to make sure your e-bike stays clean between rides. Keeping the drive-train free of mud and gunk will help parts last as long as possible!

When charging your e-bike's battery it may be tempting to plug it in and leave it overnight, but for battery health it is better to remove it from the charger as soon as it is fully charged.

Part of a clean bike is making sure the chain stays well lubricated! Make sure you have some chain lube stashed at home.

During the colder months, be sure your battery is at room temperature before charging.

If your e-bike has a key to remove the battery, be sure to bring that in when dropping the bike off for repair.

Your e-bike is actually run by a tiny computer - and as with all computers it will need updates as it ages. Be sure to bring your e-bike in for an update once a year!

Wondering how far your e-bike will take you?

Check out this range calculator from Bosch if you have a Trek e-bike:

Or this range calculator from Specialized if you have a Specialized Turbo e-bike:

Additional information from

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