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Bangtail offers free parking at the back of the store in the alleyway. Please enter through the front door.  

I went into Bangtail to pick up a bike I had ordered online. Upon arrival they were super friendly and more than willing to go above and beyond to explain my new bike to me and also give me some tips that were extremely helpful. Bike rides like a dream after being assembled by the team at Bangtail. Safe to say my business will stay with these guys throughout my time as a bike user. Thanks guys & girls of Bangtail.



- Pat U.



Located right on Main St, our shop strives to offer the best customer service along with the best service for your bike. Come on down and say hi to get to know our team!

Finding good bike mechanics in Montana to work on a Cervelo P3 is not easy, but these guys are the best. They did an amazing job replacing my hydraulic brake system so I could get back out on the roads safe and sound! Highly recommend.



- Amanda F.



Have an old cruiser that's been sitting in the garage forever? A gently used road bike that needs a shifting adjustment? Even a roughly ridden mountain bike that needs some love? Bring it on in! We offer free estimates so you know what you will be getting into when starting down the repair road!


Need some storage wax scraped off? A coat of hot wax on some dried out bases? Or even a binder layer ironed into your classic skis? No worries! Our ski techs have years of experience and can get your skis running well in no time!

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